6 Strategies for Member Retention

Proven techniques for creating members for life

It Costs 5-10 Times More To Obtain A New Member Than It Does To Keep A Current One

As a gym owner, it's common to put so much focus into gaining new members by constantly running new marketing campaigns and increasing your sales budget.

The gym industry is so competitive it seems like an endless amount of ad spend is the only option.

Yes, you absolutely want to consider marketing, but before doing so, are you leaving money on the table by not focusing on member retention?

In this guide you'll discover how to:

  • Create a culture of retention from the point of sale
  • Keep your members engaged even during times when motivation wanes
  • Build adherence through celebration and milestones
  • Create a community that supports, motivates, and inspires each other
  • And so much more

We’re here to help you put the focus on growing your client base from within your gym. Keep the recurring member revenue, the lifeline of your business, as a priority, and keep your members HAPPY!